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Protection and how effective supply of ordinary commercial housing, housing construction is to be effective supply of land, how to guard against credit risk?

Concern for the community, in 13 news conference at the State Information Office, housing, urban and rural areas combined with the Ministry of Construction and other departments in their respective duties of the property market regulation, detailed interpretation of the "National 11" policy measures, passed out Regulation of confidence.

Will start construction this year, six million sets of policies and affordable housing

In the "National 11", the first policy measure is "to increase affordable housing and effective supply of common commercial housing."

According to urban and rural housing, said Qi Ji, vice minister of Construction: "This year, 600 million Chinese will be about policy and start the construction of affordable housing."

Specifically including the limit of ordinary commodity housing, affordable housing, public rental housing, low-cost housing and the upcoming city and mining projects in shantytowns.

Qi Ji said: "In particular, we have to take into account a number of new jobs in the city of graduates and the native population through the supply of public rental housing to tackle the lack of purchasing power of some of the group stages of the housing difficulties, enabling them to have a stable home. "

Qi Ji also said that the first commercial housing is to meet the housing positioning function. All localities should strictly enforce the terms of the second set of provisions for loans to buy a house, on the one hand by increasing supply and the other to curb unreasonable housing consumption, housing supply and demand makes the goods more smoothly.

Implementation of the Real Estate site is fully protected control

"State 11" proposed "increase the effective supply of land for housing construction." Su Yun, vice minister of Land and Natural Resources, said a small increase of real estate for land and land use regulation in Real Estate is completely guaranteed.

Yun Sus confidence comes from small groups of data. First, at the end of 2009, the hands of the national real estate development company already has nearly 300 acres of land. He said: "The land has been guaranteed for the next two to three years in real estate development land is no problem." Second, the land reserve center at all levels until the end, more than 220,000 hectares of land reserves.

It is a small Sujie Shao Yun, has for the land for the 2010 Land and Natural Resources will take further strictly regulate the content of the contract, such as measures to strengthen supervision of land development and utilization, especially for the collection of land use rights, land and completion time The limit on the idle land investigation and supervision. Through various measures, the effective promotion has been required for the development of land in a timely manner to ensure that the land has been for the timely completion of various types of housing, to ensure the housing needs of the people.

Little Su Yun, said: "We take measures to promote timely development of rational land use, we must also take appropriate measures, strictly crack down on illegal land use and accumulation of various types of land, selling land and other acts."

As of the end of 2009, the country continues to idle about 10,000 hectares of land, 54% of the idle land is mainly government causes.

According to Yun Little Su Jieshao, for these idle land, Land and Natural Resources is making arrangements for inventory and ask around until at the end of January 2010, the basic processing is completed.

Asset quality remained stable mortgage credit risk control

Real estate market has become an important economic development area, is also an important area of banking.

According to the CBRC Vice Chairman Wang Zhaoxing, at present Chinas real estate development loans and individual loans for housing mortgages have accounted for the balance of the loan increment, and about 20%.

Banking attached great importance to real estate development and mortgage loans among individuals of risk. For the implementation of integrated real estate development loans credit, asked for the developers loans for capital projects to time and in full. At the same time for personal housing mortgage loans with investment and speculation over the second set, ie, the value of value-added to the sale and purchase behavior, the implementation of effective risk control.

Wang Zhaoxing, said: "Current real estate development loans and individual mortgage loans, asset quality remained stable, as at the end of the third quarter of last year, continue to maintain the balance of bad loans and bad loan ratio of the double down."

For the "National 11" made in "differentiated credit policy to increase enforcement," "interest rate risk in strict accordance with the pricing" and other measures, the Peoples Bank said financial markets Secretary Muhuai Peng, mortgage interest rate differential pricing is not implemented a preferential interest rate policy, commercial banks in the development of commercial individual housing loans interest rates, a bottom line, mainly to prevent credit risks.

Muhuai Peng said: "The Peoples Bank of encouraging commercial banks to support the needs of occupiers of purchase, the purchase of other investments in speculative demand, the commercial banks to support in principle."

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