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     NANJING GONGXIN TRADE CO.,LIMITED¡¾GONGXIN (CHINA) COMPANY LIMITED¡¿,founded in 2002, is located in block A ,new century plaza around Zhongshan east road,sitting around Presidential Palace and Nanjing library.
     GONGXIN (CHINA) COMPANY LIMITED belongs to Kyoshin Technosonic joint-stock company,it is an independent corporation with headquater in Tokyo,Janpan and branches located in Koera, Singapore, Taiwan,HongKong and China mainland.
     GONGXIN(CHINA)COMPANY LIMITED is special authorized seller of Samsung Electronics and Samsung Motors, major of all sizes of LCD,CPU,MEMORY and TUNER.
     Meanwhile its also the agency of SONYs ACF¡¢CCD product;Japan IRISO connector;Japanese Chiyoda Corporation of rubber products;domestic companys  FPC / FFC£¬HDMI,Plug,such as LongWei Electronics
     These years , according to the quanlity service and good reputation, we win the manufacturers and users of the trust and praise.

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